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Rx Script Tracker™

Rx Script Tracker™ is a PC based HIPAA Enabled electronic record keeping system for picked up prescriptions and customer acknowledgement of receipt of notification of your pharmacy's privacy policy.  Rx Script Tracker™ is HIPAA Enabled because it meets all the HIPAA regulations pertaining to your pharmacy's privacy policy.  Rx Script Tracker™ also meets HIPAA security requirements such as role based security and user inactivity timeouts.

The system is designed by a full time practicing retail pharmacist so it satisfies your needs from the perspective of the pharmacy and the customer.  The user interface is designed to allow the pharmacy staff to quickly & accurately enter all relevant data before or when the customer arrives.  The signature interface for the customer is very simple.  They don't do anything different than they are already doing thus there is no negative impact to your pharmacy's retail operation.

Rx Script Tracker™ simplifies audits for picked up prescriptions and HIPAA compliance with its comprehensive set of reports.  These reports provide all the information for picked up prescriptions, prescriptions that have not been picked up, and HIPAA compliance.  You'll realize cost savings because you won't have to have additional staff on duty while you are finding the necessary information for an audit.  You'll also realize labor savings because you will not spend hours combing through signature log sheets to find the information required for the audit.

Your investment in Rx Script Tracker™ is protected.  There is a one year warranty on the signature tablet.  After this period, there is a nominal fee to have the unit repaired.  After you receive another unit, you get another one year warranty on that unit.  This perpetual warranty ensures that your total cost of ownership remains low.  You also get 60 days of free technical support with your purchase.  In addition, T.D. Business Ventures, Inc. offers a technical support subscription service.

Rx Script Tracker™ can be integrated into your existing pharmacy system so prescription pickup data can be transferred to Rx Script Tracker™ as prescriptions are filled.  Contact your pharmacy system vendor and tell him you would like your system to integrate with Rx Script Tracker™.

Click here to read a white paper about Rx Script Tracker written by Arrow Professional Enterprises, Inc.  Arrow Professional Enterprises, Inc. is a management consulting organization specializing in healthcare automation, operations, accounting, and human resources.

Click here to read the review of Rx Script Tracker from the March 17, 2003 issue of Drug Topics® magazine.

To find out more about Rx Script Tracker™, contact us either by phone or e-mail.  We believe this product will meet your needs at a very economical price.

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