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T.D. Business Ventures Inventory Services

T.D. Business Ventures, Inc. is now offering an innovative new pharmacy inventorying service to its clients. Benefits of this new service include:
  • A comprehensive report listing drug Names, NDCs, Estimated Values, all sorted by sections
  • Charts and graphs to effectively present data
  • A modern data-collection system which allows us to quickly perform the inventory and generate reports within hours
  • Reports presented same-day in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel formats for easy data manipulation
This new system has been developed in-house and is supported by T.D. Business Ventures, Inc. It is constantly evolving to include new features and more powerful reporting so that both independent and franchise stores alike can benefit from the data provided. Custom solutions can be provided at additional charge. For more information please call T.D. Business Ventures, Inc. at: (215) 736-3758
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