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T.D. Pharmacy Returns Service

T.D. Pharmacy Returns provides a full service that gets your money back today.  We handle everything from itemizing all your expired products, creating and submitting the paperwork, and follow-up to make sure you have been reimbursed.  T.D. Pharmacy Returns has hundreds of satisfied clients in New Jersey, and Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.  Contact us today to arrange an appointment so we can return your expired products and you can get your money back.

What does T.D. Pharmacy Returns do for you?

- Count Outdates
- Itemize
- Generate Return Documentation
- Pack and Ship Outdates
- Track Credits/Reimbursement
- Verify That Reimbursement Is Processed
- Controlled Drug Destruction By Incineration Per Pennsylvania DEA Policy

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